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Lived better. Your way.

A wiser way to engage the people you want and need.

Simplify your networks to live your best life.

Feeling overwhelmed? Relying on others to help care for your family? Your house?

Too many collaborative teams at work? Balancing countless demands from countless people? Not enough time for what you enjoy with the people you love?

Or … not enough help?

We all Need Networks

Strong, positive connections are essential to maintain your health, happiness and success, especially in today’s complicated world.

SageMy™Life is a new way to become more aware of the people on your team, clarify what you need from them, and better manage them, in all the networks that support you, your family and your career.

  • Parents of Young Children
    Create Networks to Support Your Family Life with SageMy™Kids
  • Working Adults
    Working Adults
    Manage Networks to Balance Work and Life with SageMy™Career
  • Healthcare & Child Services Professionals
    Health and Social Services Professionals
    Help Clients Build Networks to Support Them with SageMy™Life
  • Businesses
    Business Owners and Managers
    Build Networks to Improve Business Goals with SageMy™Business
  • Family Caregivers
    Family Caregivers
    Activate Networks to Help with SageMy™CareTeam
  • Pets. Yes! They have networks too.
    Pet Families
    Build Networks to Support Your Pet Family Life with SageMy™Pets
  • Chronic Illness
    People with Chronic Illnesses, Conditions or Serious Allergies
    Build Networks to Support Your Health with SageMy™Health
  • Military Families
    Military Families
    Create Networks to Support Unique Needs of Military Families with SageMy™MilitaryFamilyLife
  • Independent Seniors
    Independent Living Seniors and Elder Orphans
    Create Networks to Live Independently with SageMy™Senior Life
  • SageMyLife
    College Students
    Create Networks to Launch Your Career with SageMy™CollegeLife
  • SageMyLife
    Health Policy Makers
    Activate Networks to Optimize Policy Impact with SageMy™Health Policies
  • SageMyLife
    Coaches and Client Services Professionals
    Understand Networks to Improve Client Service with SageMy™Clients

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